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A Dark Skin Woman's Revenge Pay Per View World Wide

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A Dark Skin Woman's Revenge Pay Per View World Wide

A Dark Skin Woman's Revenge: When you tired of being black and ugly A play written by Rashida Strober


The undisputed champion of dark skin, the queen of dark skin, RASHIDA STROBER, the world's first and only dark skin activist presents A DARK SKIN WOMAN'S REVENGE.With raw honesty, Rashida Strober’s, A Dark Skin Woman’s Revenge tells the true story of what it’s really like to be dark skinned & female. Dark skinned and nappy headed, the main character, Djoma Legend, has been through hell and back being dark skinned. Through out her entire life she has been branded the black, ugly unlovable one. She has watched her dark skinned friends and family go through the same pain living as a dark skinned female. Fed up with being black and ugly, she decides somebody gots to pay!DATE Friday June 26th, 2020 TIME: 7:30 PM Eastern

LOCATION: online  


"Dynamic, heart wrenching, breathtaking. Those are a few words to describe St. Petersburg native Rashida Strober's performance in her one woman play "A Dark Skin Woman's Revenge."

The Weekly Challenger News Paper

"Loved this so much. Brought tears to my eyes. You are so beautiful and strong Rashida. You are an inspiration to many."

Travia Fenrick

" Your talents and dedication are endless".

 Elle Fuller

"The audience was riveted to their seats and absorbed every word with amazement!" 

Veronica Blackely


Rashida Strober is the world’s first and only dark skin activist and the creator of dark skin activism, the first platform for dark skin, created in 1998. No Rashida. No colorism or darkism conversations on social media. Rashida created and developed the dark skin lane in 1998 and later introduced it to social media and TV starting in 2009, making her the first person in history to introduce the platform of dark skin issues to social media and TV. Since then she has worked tirelessly and selflessly to promote dark skin activism through various means. One of the major ways she has reached the masses with the Dark Skin Activist platform is through her brilliant and groundbreaking performances of her award-winning play, A Dark Skin Woman’s Revenge. A gifted performer, since 2006 she has performed for the masses at theaters, schools, festivals, churches and various organizations around the United States.

Rashida is the reason that anyone speaks on dark skin, darkism and colorism. In addition to her play, her books and social commentary are the major reason for this. Rashida is the author of more books on dark skin than anyone in the world, making her the world's leading expert on dark skin issues. Her groundbreaking dark skin books include the first motivational book ever written for dark skin females called How To Be The Hottest Dark Skin Chick On The Planet which was released to the world in 2013. She is also the inventor of the new paradigm of Darkism, which is a term that Rashida created to provide a operational term and framework for the unique experiences of dark skinned people. Darkism is also the tile of her book. Darkism: 25 Ways Dark Skinned People are Discriminated against can be found at darkskinactivist.com. Lastly, Rashida is the first woman in history to create a movement focused on the eradication of darkism and colorism.Through her groundbreaking creation of dark skin activism, Rashida made it ok for others to talk about dark skin. She is the first and only actress, author, social commentator, lecturer, playwright, and social theorist to focus her career on dark skin and colorism. In doing so she has done something that no other has done before or after her. She has courageously created a lane for the eradication of darkism and colorism that did not exist prior to her creating dark skin activism. Since 1998, her groundbreaking hard work, dedication, and innovation has become widespread to millions, providing solutions to the struggles that dark skin people face. By God's grace, her work and legacy continue to grow.As a part of dark skin activism, Rashida has courageously taken A Dark Skin Woman’s Revenge, the play on tour. Developing the work over the last 10 years, she has performed at countless venues throughout the United States including: the Atlanta Black Theater Festival, The DC Black Theater Festival, Tucson, Arizona, Fort Worth Texas, Harlem, Brooklyn, Tampa and other venues. Continuously touring, Rashida is on a mission to spread the science of dark skin activism to every corner of the globe to create awareness of the struggles that dark skinned people face.


Rashida Strober holds a Master’s Degree in Political Science and a Bachelor’s degree in History from the University of South Florida. She is a historian and creator of the study of dark skinned women in popular culture and a darkism social theorist scholar. She is the first person in recorded history to focus her work exclusively on dark skin, a new field that she created which was previously unheard of before her. Rashida Strober is the world’s first dark skin activist and creator of Dark Skin Activism, which is the first platform and movement for dark skin which was created in 1998. Rashida is also the creator of the concept/paradigm “darkism,” which is also the title of her book, Darkism: 25 ways dark skin people are discriminated against. With more books written on dark skin than anyone world-wide, Rashida Strober is the world thought leader regarding dark skin. She is also the first author, actress, artist, and social commentator to focus her work only on dark skin. Rashida also stars in her award-winning one-woman play, A dark skin woman’s revenge which is also available in book form. To book Rashida, her one-woman play or to purchase her dark skin books, go to darkskinactivist.com.com or email darkskinisbeautifulcampaign@gmail.com.
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